"I simply can't believe it, he's got abs! I never thought it would actually happen!" - Stephen Kellar, Sacramento CA, Male Model www.stephengk.com

"After seeing what Josh has done, I had to run out and for the first time in my life, I actually joined a gym!" - Timothy Gaer, Reno NV, Film Maker www.archonfilms.com

"Josh is the ultimate symbol of former fat guy bufflyness!" - Mike Perkins, Fair Oaks CA, Real Estate Investor

"From now on I will always refer to Josh as Mr. Abolicious" - Steve Funk, Rocklin CA, Chiropractor and Real Estate Entrepreneur www.healthywealthyspine.com

"All these years I've longed to be thin and he does it in a flash, AMAZING!" - Michael the Card Guy, Lincoln CA, Mike's Card Closet

"I met Josh in the gym after he had been at it for a while. Once I saw the BEFORE pictures, I couldn't believe he was that fat guy only a couple months before!" - Dustin Dalton, Rocklin CA, Video Surveillance and Spy Equipment Vendor www.deluxecctv.com

"I have to admit, it is pretty cool that he was able to do it so quickly considering he had to work and take care of his family at the same time" - Cole Wellendorf, Tucson AZ, Film Maker Check out Cole's Youtube Page

"Josh used to be the strongest Fat Guy that I ever knew, now he's just a stronger guy, UNBELIEVABLE, but true!" - Ken Salas, Penn Valley CA, Financial Advisor Ken on MySpace

"He did an amazing job and I am sure that it will serve as a fantastic example for those looking to become fit!" - Daniel Holland, Lincoln CA, Personal Trainer in Training www.hollandsfitness.com

Fitness Captured: FUNDED!

On February 25th, Fitness Captured received an advance on its first round of funding! Although the funds from this round will not be available for use till close ti Mid March, it does mean that we will have a full 6 months to produce and finish the film for Sundance Film Festival submission. Already, a production team is being assembled with the small team of aspiring film makers who will have a shot at making this documentary great! More details to follow in the coming days and weeks.